Value Added Services

It's about more than the building.

We support our clients with additional services that increase efficiency, safety, and satisfaction.

Pre-Construction Services

Your project has unique demands. A general contractor that is eager to listen, willing to collaborate, and ready to innovate can meet those requirements. 

We bring together a team of experts — including project executives, project managers, superintendents, and estimators — to plan and execute creative, cost-effective build plans, and work methods that meet your project's objectives. Your pre-construction team is the same team assigned to your project throughout construction, providing accountability and continuity.

Western Kentucky Heart, Lung & Gastroenterology


Maximize control of your project during pre-construction and deliver to everyone a roadmap for success with a comprehensive construction schedule. 

We work directly with project managers and superintendents on scheduling, phasing, and managing subcontractors on each project. We review and update the schedule on a regular basis throughout the project, and the schedule status is analyzed during each project meeting. This results in a realistic total project schedule, and a clear understanding of the deliverables and tasks associated with everyone on the project, including you.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a process to ensure that our clients realize the most value for each dollar spent. At Wehr Constructors, value engineering is engaged as a continuing, participatory process to provide our clients and the design team with detailed information allowing the best decision to be made for each project.

Wehr Constructors Estimating

Budgeting and Estimating

Smarter estimates give our clients peace of mind that their budgets will be acknowledged and preserved. We compare our in-house estimates to national estimating databases to ensure the estimate’s accuracy. 

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work can represent as much as 55% of the total construction cost of a project. We verify the accuracy of subcontractors’ bids and scope allocation and prepare a detailed estimate for this work. 

Most of our client agreements are Guaranteed Maximum Price. On each of these assignments, 100% of the savings are returned to the client.

Tax Exempt Purchase Management

When you're a non-profit, every dollar counts toward making a difference. That includes the dollars you save through tax-exempted major construction material and equipment purchases. 

Our staff works with your non-profit accounting staff to ensure compliance with all regulatory procedures and controls, saving you money and alleviating the tax-exempt purchase management burden from your team.

Quality Control

There is a great deal at stake in your project. You deserve a construction firm that understands the challenges present in your project and is committed to meeting and overcoming them with safe, innovative, and efficient solutions. 

Our Project Quality Control begins with a clear understanding of the expectations for each of the various elements that define the goals for the project. The project team: 

  • Conducts pre-installation meetings
  • Reviews mock-ups and submittals
  • Implements quality control meetings 
  • Reviews work in place for conformance
  • Ensures that any non-conforming items are corrected

This team also works with testing firms, inspection agencies, and authorities having jurisdiction.

Finally, we develop a custom training and maintenance program for our client’s facility management team. This ensures that the client has a new or renovated facility and an intimate knowledge of the building components.

Our corporate philosophy and work processes ensure quality at every stage of a project. 

  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • In-House Quality Control Inspections
  • Construction Sequence Control
  • Final Inspections and System Check

The successful completion of a construction project is highly dependent on continuity, which is why all of our key team members remain active on the project and on-site until the project is complete.

Wehr Constructors Groundbreaking


We are committed to sustainability. Sustainable building practices will ensure a higher quality facility, lower operating cost, and a best-in-class environment for the present and future generations. 

We have significant experience with geothermal solutions as a method of energy use reduction. We explore a variety of ways to minimize the environmental impact including reuse of building material and incorporation of local and regional material. 

Wehr is an advocate, as well as an advisor, on renewable energy sources and waste management solutions. In addition, we provide an air quality protocol during and post-construction.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) serves as a communication platform for the client, design, and construction teams. BIM allows all parties involved to visually communicate design options and cost information, as well as schedule. 

An intelligent model of the facility eliminates rework due to interferences, promotes lean construction practices, mitigates risk, and saves time and money for all stakeholders. With in-house BIM Coordination, Wehr can coordinate the most critical systems of your project before construction begins. At the end of each project, the intelligent construction model is delivered to the client for use in future projects or for integration with the facility management system.

Environment of Care/Infection Control

When it comes to healthcare, we believe every environment in your facility is an "environment of care." All members of our team are trained and experienced in Indoor Air Quality Control, Interim Life Safety, and Infection Control measures.

The Environment of Care program is implemented and reviewed daily by site supervisors, field engineers, and project managers. This program integrates infection control techniques of each facility with our proven measures of airborne contaminate control and best practice methods of infection control.

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