Wehr Constructors Executive Leadership

Pictured above are members of the Wehr Constructors Executive Management Team. LtoR: Shawn Woosley, Kelly Holcomb, Dale “DJ” Berry, Jr., Edward Berry, Dale Berry, Sr., Brandon Berry, David Judd, Nick Fears

We are proud to share exciting news about the future of Wehr Constructors and a new era of leadership for our firm. The second-generation of the Berry family, which has owned and operated the company since the mid 1960s, is transitioning into retirement and the third generation is preparing to take over. At the helm, are long-time leaders, Edward Berry (COO), and Dale Berry, Sr. (CEO). The third-generation of the Berry family including Dale “DJ” Berry, Jr. (Principal of Louisville Operations) and Brandon Berry (Principal of Central Kentucky Operations) have joined the management team. Additional members of the EMT include Shawn Woosley (CFO), Kelly Holcomb (Principal of Western Kentucky Operations), David Judd (Principal of Florida Operations), and Nick Fears (Principal of Business Development).

The overarching goal of this transition is to prepare Wehr Constructors for the future as new leadership emerges – and to provide further services in added industries as the company expands further across the states of Kentucky and Florida as well as neighboring markets such as West Virginia and Tennessee.

One focus that remains the same is the client-focused service Wehr always aims to provide. Relationships lead to long-standing partnerships in any industry.

“Our current ownership team has built countless relationships in the markets we currently occupy,” D.J. Berry says. “A lot of the next-generation group is starting to develop its own set of relationships with new contacts in the industry. We’re looking to build off their legacy and keep the ball rolling.”

The new direction, by way of the updated core values and mission statement, aim to address the balance of maintaining that long and trusted legacy, while also transitioning to a new era and new markets.