Frazier Rehabilitation & Neuroscience Center

Louisville, KY
525,000 sqft
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Project Type
Addition / Renovation

This project included construction of a 15-story rehabilitation and research facility over top of the existing facility. Patient-centered programs included state of the art rehabilitation facilities, adult and pediatric patient room suites, and doctors’ use programming. The first floor includes a one-of-a-kind ambulance and patient drop off “tunnel.”

Unique project characteristics include: 

  • Pre-planning and owner guidance through four months of pre-construction planning
  • Construction of multi-story project adjacent to and on top of functioning healthcare providers
  • Construction of state of the art facility in downtown, extremely tight site conditions
  • Coordination of local governmental agencies for regulation adherence
  • Engineering and architectural component coordination complexity; Wehr Constructors successfully and masterfully delivered quality and specification adherence
  • Managed site and campus safety programs
  • Managed just in time delivers on all materials