Construction Can Be A Rewarding Career

October 30, 2019

What’s great about the construction industry is that you can learn the trade, go straight into work and start making money, all while being debt-free. According to The College Board, “the average cost of tuition at a public college for an in-state student is about $10,000 per year.” ( Because construction doesn’t require a four-year degree, employees can start working and earning money at any time.

While pay rates vary between companies, industries, and states, skilled trade workers consistently make a good living. There are a ton of jobs in construction available for people who are ready to work, and there will always be jobs because the building industry never stops. “According to the BLS, 6.3 million jobs are currently available…Many of those jobs exist in construction.” ( )

As noted by the BLS, the construction industry is set to be among the fastest-growing occupational groups in the US over the next 10 years. More than 20% of the construction workforce is likely to retire within the next few years, leaving an opening for young talent to come in immediately. ( )

In the construction industry, and especially at Wehr, there is an opportunity to advance. Someone can enter the industry as a carpenter and with time advance to higher management positions, such as a foreman, superintendent, project management and estimating. We like to groom our own and give opportunities from within when possible.  The opportunities within the construction trade are endless.

At Wehr, we value affordable education opportunities for all employees. We recently rolled out a Carpentry Apprenticeship program that we are proud of. This apprenticeship program is both for our carpenters who are newer to the construction industry and want to learn more in addition to someone with no experience that wants to enter the construction industry and become a carpenter. One of the great things about the apprenticeship is that our employees get paid to go to class and learn new skills.   In addition to our Carpenter Apprenticeship Program, we also send our more advanced carpenters who show leadership skills, and a willingness to move up to a foreman training program to properly prepare them to be ready for that next step in their career.

Undoubtedly construction can provide a person with a rewarding career. You will get the opportunity to work on projects that will have a generational impact on the community in which you live. Recently Wehr Constructors led the effort to build the city’s first Miracle League ( By leveraging relationships our team has built over many years, the Wehr team turned this dream into reality. To view the results of this project click here.

The Wehr team has been building relationships since 1945. If you’re interested in hearing more about our philosophy or partnering with us on a project, please visit

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Katrina Dietrich – MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Manager

Wehr Constructors, Inc.