Humana Headquarters

Humana Headquarters Construction Project in Louisville, Ky

Project Description

588,400 sq. ft, 27-story corporate office building; exterior granite façade. Despite the challenges listed below this huge project was completed on time, and on budget.

Project Unique Characteristics:

  • Downtown location built next to and in between other high rise buildings
  • Incorporation of materials from around the world
  • 6-story waterfall at main entrance and 2-story underground parking garage
  • Full-service kitchen, restaurant and complete fitness center
  • Tenant build out, lease coordination and mock-up for sales

Project Duration
2 years

Project Value
$66.5 Million

Contract Type
CM at Risk (GMP)

Services Provided
Pre-Construction Services
Construction Estimates
Constructability Reviews
Coordination Meetings
Construction Cash Flow Analysis
Value Engineering
Subcontractor Pre-Qualification
Existing Conditions Verification
Phasing Planning
Construction Services
Budget Management
Schedule Management
Progress Meetings
Change Order Control
Ongoing Value Engineering
Quality Control
Coordination with Local Governing Bodies

Architect Contact
Micheal Graves, Designer
Graves/Warnecke & Associates
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Client Contact
David A. Jones, Sr.
Humana, Incorporated
Louisville, Kentucky 40202