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Clark Regional Medical Center, one of Brandon Boyer’s projects.

Wehr Constructors believes in developing from within

Many sports teams follow a policy known as “draft and develop,” which means rather than pay high-priced free agent players from other teams, they choose to draft young, hungry players and help them develop into starters and leaders. Wehr Constructors believes in a similar philosophy with its workforce, which is a big reason attrition is low at the constitution management and general contracting company. Two current employees who exemplify this belief system are Brandon Boyer and Jerusha Caple.




Actor’s Theatre Louisville

Louisville’s landscape owes a lot to Wehr Constructors

If you don’t know the name Wehr Constructors, you at least know the company’s work. Founded in 1945, Wehr Constructors has been helping to shape the landscape of Louisville and surrounding communities for generations. The Humana Corporate Tower on Main Street is perhaps the best known example of how Wehr Constructors has shaped Louisville’s skyline, but the legacy goes much, much deeper. Wehr’s relationship with Louisville’s healthcare industry stretches farther than its partnership with Humana.

“I enjoy driving through downtown Louisville with my sons and being able to point to the buildings Wehr is responsible for,” Jeff McMahan, Senior Project Manager at Wehr, said. “There’s a sense of pride in knowing our company has shaped Louisville’s landscape.”

Two important projects to which he specifically refers are University of Louisville Hospital, built starting in 1996, and Frazier Rehabilitation and Neuroscience Center, which sit side by side downtown. These are buildings that have housed much healing in the city.




Wehr Constructors looks to a new generation of leadership

At Wehr Constructors, the past informs the future, from the way the company does business to the way it treats employees to the way it interacts with the community.

Owned by the Berry family, Wehr, which has been locally owned and operated since 1945, continues to be family-operated. The next generation of leaders at the Louisville, Ky.-based construction business plan to continue the Wehr legacy as set forth by the late Claude A. Berry, Jr.

“He left a legacy,” Brandon Berry, who heads up Wehr’s Central Kentucky office, said of his grandfather Claude. “He was a very different sort of guy. Money didn’t mean everything to him; not as much as reputation and character, and that was instilled in my dad and uncles.”